UiPath Training Program


UiPath training course is designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool. The course covers basic concepts such as creating workflows, automating processes, and working with UI elements such as text boxes, buttons, and drop-down menus. You will also learn how to use UI Studio, the platform's integrated development environment, and understand the different types of automation projects. Overall, the training course is essential for anyone looking to learn about RPA and automate business processes using this powerful tool.

Course Objective

Upon completion of the RPA training, aspirants would:

➡️Understand about the working of Robotic Process automation
➡️Understand the key considerations and the patterns when it comes to designing an RPA
➡️Understand and know the leading RPA tools like UiPath, Blue Prism etc.
➡️Acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge, which is as per the current IT industry standard
➡️Acquire skills in certain basic concepts which involves UI Automation
➡️Acquire knowledge about branching a workflow
➡️Debug workflow
➡️Develop basic level skills when it comes to Desktop Automation
➡️Have their skills enhanced in Data Inputs
➡️Be able to reuse automation which involves templates and workflow
➡️Be able to do web automation which imports the CSV data to Salesforce
➡️Benefit sure practical information in relation to designing an RPA answer using the gear
➡️Be able to perform text and Image automation
➡️Be able to create RPA bots & perform several data manipulations
➡️Debug & handle the exceptions with the use of a tool


As such there are no prerequisites when it comes to RPA training. But it'd be useful if the candidate trying to take the course has a few know-how about .Net programming. In reality, to be particular, the candidate needs to have a logical wondering capability to reach this direction.


This route is teacher led, with examples and training practise activities in a workshop environment.

Course Duration : 16 Hours

Course Content

Course Content

  • The important methods of Robotic Process Automation
  •  The architecture pattern of RPA
  •  Developing the RPA process
  •  The various tools used in RPA
  • The different types of bots
  • Selection criteria
  • The lifecycle of RPA
  • Handling data solution patter

UiPath tool for RPA

  • Introduction to UiPath tool for Robotic Process Automation
  • Understanding the workflow activities and workflow files in UiPath
  • The different user interface of UiPath
  • Automation activity package
  • The various projects in UiPath

Important components of UiPath

  • Introduction to UiPath Studio
  • UI Path Robot
  • UI Path Orchestrator
  • Working with variables
  • Managing control flow
  • Excel automation
  • Desktop, Web & GUI automation with UIPath

User Interface automation

  • The process to automate the user interface with UiPath
  • Automated tasks configuration
  • Various variables
  • Output viewing
  • Arguments
  • Importing the packages

Recording with UiPath

  • Detailed learning of the recording
  • Scraping methods
  • User events
  • Recording of sequence of events fit for automation
  • Extracting data from browser

Programming Activities Using Data Table

  • Understand programming activities using Data Table
  • Learn Data Table Structure
  • Comprehend Searching Method
  • Data Table Activities
  • Create an environment and associate the workflow
  • Understand Creation of Collection
  • Know about Sequence and Flowchart
  • Assimilate Send Get and Read Email Message

Workflow & Citrix manipulation

  • Introduction to invoking a workflow in UiPath
  • Manipulating data using UiPath
  • Citrix automation for accessing virtual applications
  • Virtual environment automation
  • PDF automation
  • Advanced Citrix automation

Screen scraping with UiPath

  • Importance of screen scraping with UI Path
  • Various aspects of screen scraping like taking screenshot, activating, highlighting & selecting item, getting text, setting clip region, loading image and more

UiPath coding & debugging

  • Introduction to programming in UiPath
  • The various projects related to organization
  • Debugging and handling of exceptions
  • Detailed understanding of programming activity
  • Handling of errors

Automate and Orchestrate the Task

  • Learn to automate the process of Reading Email Message
  • Downloading Email Attachment
  • Sequence and Flow Chart
  • Reusable Component of Email

RE Framework

  • Working with RE-Framework
  • Introduction to REFramework
  • Using State Machine Layout
  • Different States of the State Machine
  • Workflows of the Framework
  • Global variables and default variables of main workflow

Create a Scalable Queue Management System

  • Understand what Queue is
  • Learn about Queue Management System
  • Comprehend Data Scraping
  • Know about Insert in Queue