Power Automate

Power Automate Training Program


The Power Automate training course provides a comprehensive understanding of this powerful tool for automating workflows and processes. Learn to integrate with other Microsoft tools and create custom workflows to increase productivity and efficiency.

Course Objectives

By means of the cease of the strength Automate schooling individuals need to be able to do:
You may be capable of create automated projects in RPA energy Automate
➡ Creating the workflow by using Power Automate.
➡ How to create and edit power Automate computing device
➡ Integration with Power Automate


As such there are no prerequisites when it comes to RPA training. But it'd be useful if the candidate looking to take the course has some knowledge approximately .net programming. In reality, to be unique, the candidate needs to have a logical questioning potential to achieve this direction.


This course is trainer led, with examples and education practice activities in a workshop environment.

Course Duration : 16 hours

Course Contents

Introduction of RPA

  • What is RPA
  • RPA Installation
  • Scope of RPA
  • RPA flows and setups


  • What are the variables  
  • Different types of variables 
  • Create, edit and use variables
  • Manipulation of variables

Excel Automation

  • Read, Write into Excel files
  • How to read and write in a cell
  • Find and Replace Cells in Excel
  • Rename Excel worksheet
  • Delete Excel Worksheet 
  • Insert and delete the row from excel 
  • Insert and delete the column from excel 
  • How to filter the data
  • How to use excel as data table


  • Introduction to selectors
  • Importance of selectors
  • How to edit the selectors
  • How to make selectors dynamic

Desktop Automation

  • Desktop Applications Automation using flow Action
  • Desktop Applications using the Power Recorder 
  • Use the flow action to automate desktop applications
  • Use the desktop recorder to record desktop actions

Web Automation

  • Web Applications Automation using Flow Actions 
  • Web Applications using the Power Recorder
  • Use the flow action to automate Web applications
  • Use the desktop recorder to record Web actions

Email Automation

  • Introduction to Email Automation
  • How to connect to MS Outlook  
  • How to send the email  
  • How to receive the email  
  • How to send and download attachment

Database Automation

  • Introduction to database Automation
  • How to configure DB with Power Automate

API Automation

  • Introduction to API Automation
  • Invoke web services
  • DB with Power Automate 
  • Convert JSON to the custom object 
  • Fetch the data from JSON array

Data Scraping

  • Data scraping concept 
  • How to extract content and data from a website
  • Data scrapping on Amazon website

Exception/Error Handling

  • What are exceptions/errors 
  • Types of errors/exceptions  
  • How to handle exceptions

AI Builder

  • Learn how to use different AI builder to enhance your processes 
  • Create your first model 
  • How to train the AI Builder model
  • How to extract the data from the PDF documents using AI builder

Power Automate Framework

  • What is the importance of framework
  • How to build the framework
  • How to implement the projects into the framework

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Course Duration: 32 hours
Modes: Online/ Classroom/ Workshop
In Batch Training Cost: Rs.15000
In One-One Training Cost: Rs.25000

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