Why Should you Learn MS Office?

Microsoft Office is the widely used tool for sharing and presenting professional information. Microsoft Office is used by 90% of Companies Worldwide. When you are skilled and trained to work with MS Office, you gain following benefits,

➡ Knowing Microsoft Office increases your value in Job Market
➡ Microsoft Office knowledge helps you be a better employee.
➡ Helps you to complete the job on time with accuracy.
➡ Increases your PayScale.
➡ You can easily organize, calculate, interpret, analyse and present data.
➡ Builds confidence within yourself improving your efficiency and productivity

“Learn Microsoft Office and Improve Your Career Prospects”

Almost everyone who uses a computer also needs an office software suite composed of a spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation software. Now-a-days Microsoft Office is so important that all computer-based professionals today has to be very familiar with MS Office to complete their day to day activities. It is used at home, schools and offices daily for organizing, handling and presenting data and information and offers programs that can be used both in a web browser and on a desktop.

A beginner who is looking for a Microsoft Office training course can start with the basics and then go for the advanced level for a better understanding. We will show you how you can use the best of it in your educational life or in business.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to,

➡ Create and deliver engaging presentations that convey the message using text, graphics, and animations.
➡ Create and Manage Documents using Images, Textboxes, Themes and Styles, formatting features and to add Table of Contents
➡ Create and Manage Workbooks to Store, Maintain, Calculate, Analyse and Visualize data


This course assumes that you have a basic understanding of Windows. This includes an ability to work with multiple windows and navigate the desktop, as well as understanding computer file storage (i.e., drives, files, and folders).

Trainer Profile

Ranitha Jeyasingh, Microsoft Certified Master, Founder of Gineesoft Solutions. Having more than 10 years of experience as MS Office Consultant and Corporate Trainer. Specialized in VBA Macro Automation projects and Excel Template & Dashboard Creation for the corporates. She has Trained more than 200 Professionals. She Graduated B.Tech Information Technology from SRM University and MBA from SSN School of Management.

Course Contents

Module 1: MS Excel

Getting to know Excel

  • The Excel Workbook Screen
  • Understanding the Backstage View
  • Understanding Quick Access Toolbar

Working with Workbook and Worksheets

  • Creating New Workbook
  • Saving Workbook
  • Various File Formats
  • Add, Rename, Delete, Move, Copy Sheets
  • Hide, Unhide and Apply Tab Colour, Freeze Panes 

Working with Data

  • Entering Data into Excel
  • Editing and Formatting Data in Excel
  • Fill Series Usage
  • Insert/Delete Rows & Columns
  • Hide/Unhide Rows & Columns
  • Magical Shortcuts
  • Filtering and Sorting data

Entering Basic Formulas in Excel

  • BODMAS Rule
  • AUTOSUM feature
  • Basic Functions

Workbook Printing and Workbook Protection

  • Understanding Page Layout
  • Changing Orientation
  • Setting and Clearing Print Area
  • Printing & Protecting Workbook

Module 2: MS PowerPoint

Getting to know PowerPoint

  • Creating a New Blank Presentation
  • Understanding Backstage View
  • Understanding the Quick Access Toolbar

Working with Presentations

  • Opening Multiple Presentations
  • Understanding Presentation Views
  • Changing Presentation Views

Your First Presentation

  • Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint
  • Typing Text Into a Slide
  • Inserting New Slides
  • Typing Text Using the Outline Pane
  • Applying Slide Transitions
  • Previewing a Slide Show

Working with Text, Images, Shapes and Smart Art

  • Editing Text
  • Understanding Font Formatting
  • Changing Bullet and Numbering Styles
  • Moving and Resizing Placeholders
  • Applying WordArt to Text
  • Converting Text to SmartArt
  • Inserting and Editing Image
  • Creating a Photo Album

Printing Presentation

  • Printing Slides, Handouts, Outline and Notespage
  • Previewing Slides

Module 3: MS Word

Getting Started with Word

  • Understanding the Start Screen
  • Creating a New Blank Document
  • The Word Screen
  • Understanding the Backstage View
  • Understanding the Quick Access Toolbar

Your First Word Document

  • Entering Text into Document
  • Saving a New Document on Your Computer
  • Typing Bullets and Numbers

Working with a Document

  • Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Text alignments
  • Applying various Formatting
  • Working with Paragraphs

Working with Pages & Tabs

  • Setting Tabs on Ruler
  • Setting Page Margins
  • Inserting Page Breaks
  • Adding Headers and Footers
  • Creating Index Page

Printing your Document

  • Understanding Printing
  • Previewing Your Document
  • Selecting a printer
  • Printing the Current Page or Range of Pages
  • Specifying the Number of Copies

Who Should attend?

➡ College Students
➡ Job Seekers
➡ Working Professionals
➡ Businessperson


➡ Training Completion Certificate will be provided.

Training Delivery Mode & Language

➡ Online &
➡ English

System Requirements

➡ Laptop
➡ Desktop with MS Office installed.

Enquiry Form

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