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Why should I register?

      ⭐ To gain knowledge on programming

      ⭐ To become more productive at workplace

      ⭐ To reduce Manual Errors

      ⭐ To automate your routine job

      ⭐ To create your own Excel Based Application & Dashboard 

Become MACRO Expert in Just 10 Days

Training Start Date : 29th JUNE 2024

Between 10:00AM - 2.00PM IST (Saturday & Sunday Batch)

Excel Automate Training can enhance your Career

Trained and Certified Macro Experts are always on demand in the industry and our training program helps lifetime career growth.

Who can attend?

Our MIS Reporting & Automation Program can be suitable for whoever interested to pursue their carrier as Excel Expert, Data Analyst, MIS Analyst and Data Scientist. Our program can be attended by,

• Student’s
• Working professional
• Business People’s

What do I Gain from Workshop?

? Advanced Excel Looping and Functions

? Excel Automation Programming techniques

? Advanced Functions in VBA

? Excel VBA Macro Programming UserForms

? Best practices for MIS Reporting & Process Automations


Only Few Seats Available

You will be provided with certificate. Our Training Certificate will help your Career Development and improve your Resume.

Sample Certificate


Ranitha Jeyasingh, Microsoft Certified Master and co-founder of Gineesoft Solutions. I am an Excel and Power BI consultant with over ten years of experience, as well as a VBA macro expert. I’ve worked on more than 100 projects involving Excel VBA Macro Automation for major corporations to make data management, data analysis, and dashboard creation considerably simpler and automated. Sharing knowledge with others is my sincere passion. My goal is to provide everyone with top-notch skill development without sacrificing quality.

What do you gain from this Masterclass?

  • Using Variables are used to perform operations, make decisions, and store data temporarily.
  • Functions in VBA  are reusable blocks of code that can accept input, perform a specific task or calculation, and return a result .
  • Using Excel objects  involves elements through Code which allows automation, data analysis, customization of Excel functionality.
  • Creating Custom Forms involves designing unique user interfaces for Excel and Office applications, allows  data input and interaction.
  • Error handling  enhancing the reliability and user experience of their software.

What are the Reasons for Learning Excel VBA Macro

1. Data Analysis:  Automate data analysis are used for insights from large datasets.
2. Customization:  Craft tailored forms, reports and graphs for precise needs.
3. Consistency: Ensure accurate task execution, reducing errors.

4. Efficiency: Automate tasks, saving time and effort in MS Office applications.
5. Productivity Boost: Streamline workflows, increasing overall efficiency.

6. Problem-Solving: Tackle complex challenges through automated solutions.